English documentation

Voice Commands
Voice Command Description Example usage
voice lock Locks the channel so that no one can join it .voice lock
voice unlock Unlocks the channel .voice unlock
voice name <name> Change channels name .voice name Lounge
voice limit <number> Limit how many users can join your channel .voice limit 5
voice permit/allow <@user> Permit certain user to join your channel .voice permit @sam
voice reject/deny <@user> Reject a certain user from joining your channel .voice reject @sam
voice claim Claim a channel once the owner has left it .voice claim
voice text * Create Temporary text channels along side your voice channels .voice text
voice ghost/unghost * Make your channel disappear/appear .voice ghost
voice invite <@user> * Send an invite link to a user when you've hidden your channel .voice invite @sam
archive * Archives the temporary text channels, meaning they won't get deleted .archive
General Commands
General Command Description Example usage
myprefix Gives you the current prefix setup for the server @voicemaster myprefix
aboutme Gives you information about the bot .aboutme
stats Gives you statistics of the bot usage .stats
ping Pong - latency .ping
invite Gives you an invite link for the bot .invite
resetme Resets all of your settings .resetme
Admin Commands
Admin Command Description Example usage
voice setup Setup join to create channels .voice setup
voice setup sequence * Create sequential channels .voice setup sequence
voice setup clone * Creates channels with predefined names/limits .voice setup clone
setprefix <prefix> Changes the prefix for the server .setprefix !
resetserver Reset the server settings .resetserver
settext <message> * The bot will send the specified message to the temporary created channels on creation. .settext check out our social medias ...............
Commands marked with a * are only available with our premium bot VoiceMaster+ available at voicemaster.xyz.